"Although in many ways
no different from ordinary
retail customers, airport
retail customers display
very different buying be-
haviours for the simple

reason that they are
In 1999, in IATA's Global
Survey, Copenhagen
Airport was nominated
"Best Airport in the world"
and the same year Alan
went to Cannes to receive
a "Frontier Award".

As a specialist airport retail consultant having worked with airports throughout the world, Alan Bork provides substantial knowledge and expertise in commercial development and operations at airports.

Alan Bork’s association with the airport retail environment - spanning more than two decades - followed a successful career in domestic retail working in the department store business as well as with specialized retail.

In connection with the privatization of Copenhagen Airport - as Retail Development Director - Alan Bork masterminded and choreographed the retail development making the airport the world's leading in airport retailing.

Alan Bork’s experience also includes positions as Commercial Director at Brussels International Airport and Budapest Airport in connection with the privatization of these airports.

Thus having been in the centre of three airport privatizations Alan Bork possesses substantial know-how in airport privatization.

As an airport consultant Alan Bork has worked with multiple airport and terminal projects, assisting in planning commercial terminal flows and layout, as well as suggesting retail and food & beverage mix in order to optimize commercial revenues.

Always on the move as an airport retail consultant, Alan is well connected and in close contact with the airport retail industry in many countries.

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